IT Disaster Recovery Plans & Cloud Backup Solutions for Your Business

Just because a business is small, it doesn’t mean that its data is any less susceptible to a disaster. Every business can benefit from the affordable protection of IND’s  IT Disaster Recovery Plans & Cloud Backup/business continuity solution.

Our TotalRecovery service provides cloud backup & disaster recovery. We back up an image of your production servers to two bi-coastal Cloud data centers, where it can be virtualized (started and run) in a disaster. This solution provides only Cloud-based server virtualization, unlike our TotalContinuity solution that provides both Cloud and on-premise server virtualization.

We deploy and maintain a backup server at your office that takes backup images of your production servers throughout the day. These backups are complete image-level backups of your server, which includes more than just your files – they also include a backup of the entire operating system and any software that you have installed on the server. These are complete copies (“images”) of your server.

These backups are transmitted every night to two off-site data centers (located on the east coast and west cost of the US).

In the event that one or all of your on-premise servers are unavailable (due to power outage, theft, fire, flood, etc), we can virtualize (start and run) your servers in the Cloud, dramatically reducing downtime compared to traditional backup solutions.

Monitoring and Verification

Testing is taken to a new level with automated live virtualization verification. The backup service is able to not only check the integrity of a backup but it actually does a mock recovery and spins up a virtual machine of the backup to verify the backup can be booted in a disaster. IND engineers receive an alert with the results of the test as well as an image generated from the test, and we act immediately if any problem is detected.

System Management

We can identify file changes between any two backup points on the device, and see what files are created, modified, or deleted on servers and workstations at any time. We can restore machines that have been infected with a virus to the last version without the virus, or perform a file restore on a lost or deleted file with almost no information on the file. The control and ability of this feature makes TotalContinuity useful in more than just disaster scenarios.

Encryption and Transfer

We encrypt all data from the backup server to two bi-coastal Cloud data centers. We use cutting-edge technology to quickly and efficiently transfer files to and from the Cloud. Smart queuing is used to prioritize server backup order (so that more critical data can be prioritized). Recovery point pipelining allows the next recovery point to upload while the current point is being received. Finally, agent sync parallelism allows multiple agents to sync off-site simultaneously. The combination of these technologies provide greater data integrity, reduced network traffic, and keeps your off-site backups up to date, particularly in low bandwidth environments and those with busy network traffic.

Broad Operating System Support

TotalContinuity supports Microsoft Windows operating systems for almost any Windows PC or server that is still in production today. Support currently ranges from Windows 2000 to Windows 8 and Server 2012 R2. Granular recovery is also available for Exchange and SharePoint servers.

Bare Metal Restore (BMR)

We can perform bare metal restores to dissimilar hardware over the network reliably and securely. The process cuts down restore time dramatically while also improving the advanced options for users looking to customize their new machine.

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