Cloud & On-Premise Backup Solutions Help Increase Business Continuity

Time is money—and computing downtime is very expensive in terms of disrupted operations and lost productivity. When natural disasters strike or power outages occur, no company can afford to lose access to its data and business continuity. IND’s TotalContinuity Cloud & On-Premise Backup service makes costly, long-term business disruptions a thing of the past.

This program delivers business continuity and the most aggressive recovery time objective (RTO) of any backup and disaster recovery solution available to small businesses throughout New Jersey. TotalContinuity saves small and medium-sized businesses time and money with an enterprise-level cloud and on-premise backup solution that:

  • Backs up all your data at your office as well as off site (Cloud backup)
  • Transmits your backups nightly to two data centers for extra redundancy
  • Stores it in the Cloud along with a complete mirror backup of your operating system
  • Enables your team to access your corporate information from anywhere using an Internet connection.

The result? Your computing is back up and running more quickly and efficiently, even if your location is inaccessible or your office server is down for any reason.

A Full Suite of Cloud-based and On-Site IT Continuity Solutions

IND Corporation’s IT team ensures your operation is protected from the hazards of disasters. For an in-depth look at how TotalContinuity protects you from losing data or computing capabilities, contact IND Corporation. Our representatives will review everything this solution includes:

  • Instant on- and off-site (Cloud) virtualization capabilities – We can start and run your servers in the Cloud or on the backup server at your office, ensuring that your business never misses a beat.
  • Advanced hybrid cloud solution for maximum redundancy, instant virtualizations and time-saving data recovery.
  • Data encryption — We encrypt all data from the backup server to the bi-coastal Cloud data centers. Secure passphrases are set up for each backup server.
  • Monitoring and verification –Automated live virtualization verifications allow IND engineers to check the integrity of a backup, verify the backup can be booted in a disaster, and act immediately if any problem is detected.
  • Better bare metal restore – We restore full machines quickly and efficiently through our USB Bare Metal Restore process. Our unique hardware tool allows for maximum flexibility when restoring. No drives or cables needed as the system can run completely over the network.
  • Broad operating system support – TotalContinuity supports Microsoft Windows operating systems for almost any Windows PC or server that is still in production today. Granular recovery is also available for Exchange and SharePoint servers.

Don’t lose access to your data! Contact us to discuss implementing IND’s TotalContinuity service in your organization.