How to Get IT Support From IND

Please select one of the following methods to contact us for technical support.

1. Access the Portal

Step 1: Log in to our portal

Step 2: Select your type of support request

Step 3: Enter a brief title and give details for your issue.

For urgent issues, check the “emergency” checkbox on the create ticket page. If you have an urgent issue that needs resolution outside of business hours (8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST), you must submit the request by calling 973-227-5020.

2. Send Us an Email

Send an email to your provided help desk email. Make the subject a brief title for your issue.

The body of your email should include:

  • Summary of the issue
  • When the issue began
  • The number people impacted
  • The level of urgency

NOTE: All tickets created by email are opened as priority 3 by default. To open a priority 1 ticket by email, you must write the word “URGENT” in the subject line of the email.

3. Give Us a Call

Need to speak with someone now? No problem! Give us a call and one of our friendly and professional support staff members will help right away.

Already Submitted a Ticket? Here’s What to Do Next.

Track Your Service Request

Once you submit a ticket, you will receive an email notification that it was received along with a ticket number. You can use this number to track your request on our web portal. You will receive another email notification when your ticket is opened, and in most cases, will be contacted by the engineer assigned to your ticket. You can also continually follow the progress of your ticket on our web portal.

Update an Existing Ticket

If you ever need to update a ticket or inquire about the status, you can reply to the email notification you received when you first submitted the ticket. You can also reopen a closed ticket in this way. Any notes you email will be automatically added to the ticket details.

How We Process Tickets

Once a ticket is created, it is assigned to an on-staff engineer with the best skill set to achieve a speedy resolution. Tickets are handled according to the level of urgency, but we always aim for a quick solution so your business feels minimal disruption.