Secure Mobile Computing and BYOD Solutions for Your Employees

BYOD—bring your own device—has brought concerns about data security and file access to the workplace. And with mobile adoption and mobile computing growing rapidly, the need for secure mobile computing solutions will grow as well.

Employees who use their own mobile devices for work can put your company’s private intellectual property (IP) at risk when your files are accessed through your employees’ mobile devices. After all, what happens if an employee’s tablet or smartphone is lost or stolen, or when the employee leaves the company?

Bottom line: If your employees need access to your company’s line-of-business systems from their smartphones, laptops and tablet computers, you need to ensure your company’s mobile computing is as secure as it is convenient.

IND’s secure mobile computing solutions guarantee your ability to service your mobile users’ requests for data quickly and securely, and prevent unauthorized intrusion into your company’s systems. Company email and corporate files are protected by only allowing access via secure apps that still allow quick and simple access to employees.

We also include fixed-cost IT support for all of your company’s mobile devices, including unlimited remote and onsite support, monitoring, remote wiping, and vendor management.

Contact us to discuss your company’s needs for smartphone and mobile device security and management as well as your other IT support needs.