Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Our disaster recovery and business continuity services ensure that your business can continue to operate and access critical data after a disaster.

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Proactive Planning and Monitoring

IND will work hand in hand with you to make sure you have fail-safe plans to keep your business running through a disaster. This involves establishing the integrity of a backup and verifying that it can be booted in the event of a problem.

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Disaster Recovery Support

If you encounter any type of data loss issue, we’ll guide you through the entire recovery process from start to finish, taking extra care to ensure it’s a smooth process for your business.

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Advanced Hybrid Cloud Solution

Protect your business from data loss and expensive downtime with an advanced hybrid cloud solution, complete with instant virtualization, maximized redundancy and time-saving data recovery.

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Bare Metal Restore

This data recovery and restoration process allows for the complete restoration of a failed server or computer to a new machine — no drivers or cables needed.

Easily Access, Restore & Recover Critical Data

It’s never been easier to access, restore and recover critical data for your business with our backup and disaster recovery services. We’ll work hand in hand with your team to develop a plan that suits your needs and sees you back on your feet within the required timeline.

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disaster recovery New Jersey
disaster recovery New Jersey
disaster recovery New Jersey

About Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Your business can’t afford to lose access to critical data resulting in disruptions to your operations or extended periods of downtime. You need to know that your business security is being handled as a top priority and that your data is always accessible no matter what happens. This is where our disaster recovery and business continuity services come into play.

When you partner with IND, we share the responsibility of making sure that your business is protected and ready to respond to any situation. No matter what small hiccup or unexpected disaster you may face, you can be confident that your business will experience no disruptions or extended periods of downtime.

Secure file collaboration and backup

Proactive monitoring and restoration of business data

Enterprise-level cloud and on-premise backup system

Complete mirror backup of your operating system

Access Corporate Information from Anywhere

Protect Your Data and Your Profits

Keep Your Network Backed Up and Running Smoothly

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Ensure Your Backups Are Always Available with Backup Verification

To ensure backup reliability, IND will perform backup verification to test the data backups for any errors or information loss, such as backup file corruption, incomplete backups or errors in the backup application.

Other Services

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The best time to start thinking about your security is before an attack occurs. Stay protected as threats develop and strike.

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Risk Assessment

Understand your business’s weaknesses. Get cybersecurity solutions implemented and maintain compliance.

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Network Security

Say goodbye to downtime, disruptions, data threats and damages with 360-degree network security and patching.