Risk Assessment

Through a highly detailed cybersecurity risk assessment, our team will evaluate your IT environment and security capabilities, identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations.

Cybersecurity Risk Report

You and your team will receive a comprehensive cybersecurity risk report of the vulnerabilities in your IT environment, any threats facing your business and how they could impact your operations.

Compliance Review

An industry compliance review will ensure that your business is protected from both cyberthreats and the costly fines and problems that accompany noncompliance.

Cybersecurity Policy Report

To protect your reputation and the integrity of your IT infrastructure, we’ll perform a detailed review of the written policies and procedures related to cybersecurity.

Share Permission Report

Our cybersecurity share permission report can provide you with a full list of all network shares, detailing which users and groups have access to what systems, devices and files.

Identify Security Vulnerabilities

With a cybersecurity risk assessment, your business can create the framework for your overall IT security plans. A thorough evaluation helps you gather vital information about the vulnerabilities of your network and systems. This process also allows you to assess the state of your current protection protocols and policies.

About Risk Assessment

When you perform a risk assessment, you receive a clear picture of the risks facing your business. This allows you to evaluate your current cybersecurity policy and provide the framework for a business-wide incident-response plan. Downtime, lost revenue, lost data and lost productivity are only the start of your concerns in the event that your business falls victim to a cyberattack. You need to understand what’s working and not working to protect your business. The cybersecurity experts at IND can help you address the gaps in your network security before they are exploited by malevolent actors.

With a cybersecurity risk assessment, you’ll have all the industry-specific knowledge and insight you need to effectively detect, monitor and mitigate cybersecurity attacks, and you’ll avoid costly fines associated with noncompliance.

Comprehensive assessment of threats

Employee cyberawareness of attacks

Protection against noncompliance

Detailed recommendation plan

Identify Cybersecurity Risk & Vulnerabilities

Provide a Framework for Future Initiatives

Develop a Detailed Remediation Plan

Elevate Your Security to Industry Compliance

Regulations, guidelines and policies related to cybersecurity are constantly updated. To stay ahead of the competition and guard your business against penalties and fines, you’ll want to ensure that your cybersecurity plan meets any relevant regulations and security levels.

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