Flat fee IT Services for Your Small or Medium Business

IND Corporation is comprised of dedicated, passionate IT professionals. Throughout each of our business endeavors, our top priority is equipping our clients with the tools they need to prosper.

Through our flat fee IT services, we provide unlimited IT support and consulting to our valued clients. As we pro-actively manage and support the critical IT systems backing your organization, your New Jersey business can shift its mindset back to more productive means.

Whether you need a comprehensive suite of IT services, or simply a professional on-call, our team will work with yours to decipher your customized IT solution.

TotalCare™ Managed Services

With a flat fee, our TotalCare managed services plans deliver businesses in northern New Jersey with unlimited IT support and IT consulting. IND provides unlimited remote and unlimited on-site service, available 24-hours a days/7 days a week/365 days a year. Services include strategic consulting, proactive asset management, vendor management, timely system updates, monitoring, and so much more. Put your IT responsibilities into the hands of professionals. Our team will constantly work to monitor the health of your network so your business can decrease downtime while increasing productivity.

Reach out to our support team today, or visit our TotalCare Managed Services page to learn more.

TotalContinuity Business Continuity

Our TotalContinuity program delivers business continuity through aggressive backup and disaster recovery solutions. With enterprise-level cloud and on-premise backup solutions, small and medium sized businesses can swiftly regain business productivity if a disaster should ever affect their business. This solution includes on- and off-site virtualization capabilities, an advanced hybrid cloud solution, data encryption, continuous monitoring and maintenance, and much more.

To learn more about safeguarding your data, contact our team today. We’ll help you integrate IND’s TotalContinuity service into your organization.

IT Services

Since 1990, IND has provided IT services for businesses in New Jersey and New York City. Our “secret sauce” comes from our refined processes and systems that enable our exceptional and experienced team to deliver continuous IT service excellence to our clients and account for our history of success.

We will assist you in making informed technology decisions for your business, such as how to maximize employee productivity and staying current on new technology in your field. Not only can we help you with these decisions, we will also implement and support them within your organization.

Leave IT services to the experts. Your business has larger matters that need your attention. Learn more about how our team can alleviate your IT qualms and keep your business running smoothly.

Cloud Services

Cloud technologies are paving the way for increased productivity, secure backup solutions, and updated file management. At IND, we cannot ignore the advancements made in the realm of the cloud. That’s why we assist our clients in proper cloud utilization to increase the effectiveness of their IT support. Our Cloud service offerings include the following:

  • Cloud computing solutions: Fully managed, secure and compliant application/server hosting and file storage solutions for your business.
  • Virtual desktops: Enables your employees to access a standardized, centrally-managed Windows desktop from anywhere.

We also help our clients to migrate their on-premise servers to the Cloud. IND will create a completely customized cloud solution, best suited for your business. We’ll handle the entire migration process so your team can handle more important business matters. We can leave the on-going cloud server management up to your team, or we can take that do that too!

Read more about our cloud services and how they may benefit your business infrastructure.

Cloud Backup

Our cloud-based server backup solutions provide affordable image-level server backups for small and mid-sized businesses. Disaster recovery and business continuity are dramatically enhanced with the customized back-up solutions our team offers. We specialize in three types of cloud backup, ranging from business continuity services that minimize downtime during a crisis to simple file-level data backup in the cloud.

Before implementing a backup solution, we’ll run a thorough assessment of your requirements, beginning with a business impact study to define your recovery time and recovery point objectives. At IND, we understand that no two businesses are alike. That’s why we make customized solutions easy, affordable, and comprehensible for each of our clients.

Learn more about how our cloud backups could save your business in the event of a disaster.