IND Corp Has Years of Industry Expertise to Help Your Business

IND’s TotalCare Plans: Flat-Rate IT Support and Consulting Services for Small and Medium-Sized NJ Businesses.

You are responsible for a lot in your business – is managing your company’s IT systems or IT firm taking too much of your valuable time? Do you even know what results you should expect from your IT support partner?

Advertising, Marketing and PR

IND has over twenty years of experience working with advertising, marketing and PR firms to recommend, implement, and manage their information technology infrastructure and Cloud solutions.

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Just like you’ll need the proper tools to build a house, you’ll need the proper technology to keep your business on the right foundation.

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Engineering & Architecture

Spend less time worrying about these technology issues and more time designing stunning blueprints for your clients.

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We specialize in maintaining wealth management and accounting practice’s specific needs through our SOX-compliant processes and auditing capabilities to support your software packages and secure networking needs.

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We specialize in supporting and maintaining your healthcare practice’s EMR and practice management systems through our fixed-cost, unlimited IT support and consulting service from our Parsippany, New Jersey-based network operations center.

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Are you seeking an IT firm experienced in supporting your firm’s case management, time entry and other critical software applications? Are you interested in learning how you can leverage secure Cloud-based technologies for your law firm that reduces your capital cost and mitigates risk?

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Increase your manufacturing company’s profitability by maximizing the efficiency of your IT systems and processes. Our fixed-cost service programs are a perfect fit for NJ manufacturers who want to maximize uptime and get the most from their IT budget.

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Real Estate

In order to thrive in the competitive market of real estate, responding to on-the-go inquires while maintaining a busy schedule is paramount. IND’s extensive services include managing all of your IT assets whether they are in the cloud or in your office, or on your employees mobile phones so that you can focus on running your business.

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Retail & B2B Companies

Consumers demand that your business provides a seamless experience, from mobile payments, to free WiFi, and all of the other technology accommodations that are in demand in this modern world. Keep all of your systems running smoothly, including point of sale, accounting, and CRM software, through IND’s suite of proactive IT support and consulting solutions.

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Transportation & Distribution

Satisfying your clients’ needs and keeping your business running smoothly goes far beyond simply counting the number of crates being sent out the door.

Technology equipment like bar code scanners and mobile devices need to be able to seamlessly communicate with operational software so that you always know where shipments are being sent. With the right pro-active IT support and consulting, you can rest easy knowing that your firm’s delivery processes won’t be disrupted.

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Science & Research

Making the latest discoveries doesn’t just happen overnight. You need to manage massive amounts of data to advance your scientific breakthroughs and you want the highest caliber of technological services backing your efforts! Scientific breakthroughs can have unpredictable costs, but the cost of your IT services shouldn’t be.

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