Real Estate IT Solutions

Our real estate IT solutions help you optimize your operations and ensure your employees and clients have access to the data they need.

Cloud Computing

Slice operating costs and significantly decrease reliance on on-site hardware with cloud computing solutions in all areas of the value chain.


Guard your real estate business against cyberthreats like business email compromise and ransomware with multi-layered security protocol.

Network Monitoring

We’ll keep a close eye on your network, anticipating and preventing technology issues before they ever occur, and we’ll be ready to assist your team in the event of a security breach.

24/7 Helpdesk

Our team of experts becomes an extension of your real estate business who understands your unique needs and is available 24/7 to resolve any IT issues you may encounter.

Streamline Communication with Clients

A vast majority of real estate agents are forced to distribute their time between visiting properties with clients, going to the office and even working from home. We can make your life easier by offering VoIP communication that allows voice and data communications to be run over a single network.

Our Real Estate IT Solutions

Due to the dynamic nature of the real estate industry, it’s incredibly important for businesses to keep their devices, networks and software running smoothly, securely and at peak performance at all times. You’re constantly pulled in a million different directions between communicating with clients via their preferred channels, staying in compliance and maintaining a competitive edge over other businesses.

You need a managed service provider that thoroughly understands the industry and is prepared to provide you with a fully comprehensive suite of real estate IT solutions, such as network security, IT support and consulting, and cybersecurity services.

Predictable spending

Increased efficiency

Comprehensive, multi-layer security

Industry-specific insight

Access Your Network from Anywhere

Communicate Effectively with Clients & Partners

Seamlessly Process Wireless Transactions

Benefit from Improved Productivity

When you partner with IND, we’ll ensure your IT infrastructure is up and running at all times, your business is protected against ransomware attacks and your IT systems and devices support the productivity of your business.

Other Industries


Get all the insight, industry-specific knowledge and solutions your institution needs for success.


Find the right systems to boost the productivity of your law firm while protecting critical business data.


Streamline communication, meet HIPAA compliance and protect your sensitive data.