Engineering IT Solutions

Our engineering IT solutions align your firm’s revenue and growth objectives with first-rate technology infrastructure.

engineering IT solutions

Technology Procurement

Let our team handle the complex and often lengthy process of procuring new hardware, software and other critical IT equipment at an affordable price.

engineering IT solutions

Backup and Recovery

Data lost as a result of a security breach or natural disaster can easily send an engineering project into a tailspin. Circumvent this issue with a strategic backup and disaster recovery plan.

engineering IT solutions

Network Design

A poorly designed network can cause your engineering firm a variety of problems down the line by constricting the flow of information or leaving your business vulnerable to attackers. We’ll rework or create an entirely new network.

engineering IT solutions

Customized IT Strategy

Our team of experts will work with you to develop an industry-specific, customized strategy to make your IT infrastructure as efficient as possible.

Ensure Your Software Is up to Date and Accessible

At your engineering firm, you most likely use complex software, such as AutoCAD, Allegro, PTC Creo or SOLIDWORKS. Given the nature of this type of software, it’s important that you partner with an IT provider like IND who can perform maintenance, monitor for any issues and ensure that each type of software is set up and integrated properly.

Our Engineering IT Solutions

In recent years, engineering firms across the country have become increasingly dependent upon technology, making it incredibly important for your business to have access to a fully functional IT environment with maximum uptime. More than just implementing cutting-edge technology, you need to know that any threats or errors can be detected and mitigated before they affect the productivity of your business.

Our engineering IT solutions are explicitly designed to ensure your network, systems, and devices are secure while boosting the productivity and efficiency of your operations. No more time, money or energy spent cleaning up disasters that could have been circumvented from the beginning.

World-class IT support

Advanced multi-level security

Routine optimization and maintenance

Proactive network monitoring

Promote Greater Productivity

Enjoy Round-the-Clock IT Monitoring

Access New and Innovative Technology

Access Your Files When You Need Them Most

Your employees need to be able to access complex, sensitive files from wherever they are performing their job duties, whether that’s in the office or at the worksite. With our cloud services, real-time collaboration, file sharing and protection of critical data have never been easier.

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