Enhancing New Jersey Companies Through Cloud Computing Services

IND Corporation is dedicated to eliminating technology headaches and reducing IT expenses to provide your company with optimal business operations, continuity, and profitability. IND harnesses the virtually limitless benefits of cloud computing, and adapts it to fit the unique needs of your New Jersey-based business. Experience IND’s tailored-made solution to spur a new level of productivity within your office setting.

Integrate the digital powers of the cloud into your business.

  • Cloud File Storage: Small businesses typically find cloud-based file storage solution to be an affordable and convenient means of digitally storing their files. Built-in redundancies protect businesses from excessive downtime in the event of a network failure.
  • Cloud Migration & Management: Our It professionals can develop and implement a detailed migration plan for your business system. While managing the migration to the cloud, we will also proactively monitor your systems, vendor relationships, and service-level agreements.
  • Virtual Desktops: Virtual Desktop Solutions (VDI) allows companies to access a standard Windows desktop from any operating system and any computer. This enables your business to standardize its operating environment and minimize the downtime and cost of maintaining standard “fat client” computers.

Cloud Computing Support

We understand that no two businesses are alike, which is why we never treat our clients as such. Each company that comes to IND receives a completely customized solution tailored to your IT needs. Whether you opt to host your entire network on the cloud or decide on our customized hybrid solution, IND Corporation will ensure you’re receiving quality care.

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Since our establishment in 1990, our exceptional staff, combined with a wide array of services from network technologies to custom software development, have provided tremendous value and peace of mind to our clients. IND’s individualized approach to IT management and support provides businesses with the expertise and care they’re looking to receive. Up your business’s productivity with the IND’s solution.

Contact us to discuss the IT needs and goals for your New Jersey-based business and find out more about the IND difference.