Cloud File Storage Solutions

The “Cloud” refers to applications that reside off site in a data center, rather than installed on a server in your office. IND Corporation offers a variety of Cloud file storage and Cloud hosting options for small and medium-sized New Jersey businesses.

Depending on your industry or the size of your company, the Cloud might not even be right for your needs. Typically, small businesses with 10 or fewer users will find Cloud-based file storage solutions to be affordable, convenient, and meet their needs. This is not necessarily the case for larger companies.

Benefits of Cloud File Storage Solutions for NJ Businesses

  • Economical – low upfront costs, and pay-as-you-go subscriptions based on number of users/accounts and total amount of data being stored.
  • Built-in redundancies protect against business disruptions due to local power failures, natural disasters, or Internet connectivity downtime.
  • Easily accessible from any Internet-connected device.

Drawbacks of Cloud-Based File Storage for NJ Businesses

  • Upload and download speeds can take longer with large files like PowerPoint presentations, CAD files, or other multi-media files.
  • May not integrate easily, or at all, with your company’s other software systems.
  • Monthly fees can get very costly for organizations with dozens or hundreds of employees or with large amounts of data.

Need Help Deciding On a Solution?

With so many Cloud file storage services available today and with technology changing so quickly, it can be difficult to discern which file storage solution makes the most sense for your company.

At IND Corporation, we can help you assess and implement the best file storage solution for your needs today and develop a plan that makes good business sense for your future.

We’ll present a cost/benefit analysis of each solution that’s viable for your business, go over the terminology and functionality, provide a live demo, and ensure you fully understand your options.

Contact us to learn more about our low-cost Cloud storage solutions for NJ businesses.