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Try using web video for your business20110615172857

Try using web video for your business

IND CorporationJune 15, 20110 comments
Web video is a very basic and effective way to convey information about a business, yet many businesses still aren’t utilizing it. If you’...
Attitude Matters in Small Business20110610155226

Attitude Matters in Small Business

IND CorporationJune 10, 20110 comments
Being successful in business is due in large part to your attitude. Professional skill and connections can take you far, but if you lack a personable ...
IPv6 – what does it mean?20110608172850

IPv6 – what does it mean?

IND CorporationJune 8, 20110 comments
Virtually all of us have heard rumblings about the Internet transitioning to IPv6. What exactly it will mean, however, is still lost on many. Keep rea...
Computer Tablets: Advantages and disadvantages20110603152317

Computer Tablets: Advantages and disadvantages

IND CorporationJune 3, 20110 comments
Though still a young technology, computer tablets have become one of the most popular items in the tech world since the introduction of the iPad. As t...
What are NFC payments?20110601165230

What are NFC payments?

IND CorporationJune 1, 20110 comments
The payment systems we use are not especially complicated, but what if they could be even more straightforward? NFC (Near Field Communication) technol...