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What Will You Do – or Which Devices Will You Take – on Your Summer Vacation?

Editor’s Note: We recommend you don’t bring any electronic devices, and really take a vacation!

The summer is upon us and thoughts are turning towards that summer vacation. Whether it’s in the mountains or at the beach, driving cross country or flying across the ocean, you likely will need to bring some type of computer/mobile device to keep up with work while you are away.

Let’s look at whether the lucky vacation tagalong is a laptop computer, a Microsoft Surface (Book or Pro), or a tablet, and why these are contenders for vacation disrupters.

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Does Your Business Need a Network Admin?

Does your managed IT service plan include network administration? It should.

Network administration is a crucial component in maintaining your business IT systems, whether they are in your office or in the Cloud.

IT infrastructure (servers, firewalls, switches, etc) can become out of date over time as new cyber security threats emerge and as changes are made throughout your IT environment. It’s vital that a trained network engineer proactively assess and update your IT assets to minimize system downtime and risks, and to maximize your profits.

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How to Protect Your NJ Law Firm’s IT Assets

When it comes to law firms and IT systems, there’s no question that client data and case information are both highly sensitive and vital. Just as vital are your line of business systems — time tracking software, case management software, and other record-keeping and document management programs, all of which have sensitive data that must stay confidential and protected, but also be accessible for your staff anywhere, at any time.

The importance of implementing strong security measures to protect digital assets, including customer data, intellectual property, and proprietary systems cannot be overstated. Poor network security can lead to severe consequences, including significant legal liability. But how can you keep your NJ law firm’s data safe in today’s world of cyber theft and computing network breaches?

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Get the Most Out of Your IT Investment with a Strategic Performance Analysis

Are you sure your technology investment is what your NJ company really needs? Is your IT department doing what they’re supposed to do to keep your operation running at its best? Does your IT services provider have your company’s best interests at the forefront or are they doing what’s best for themselves?

How can you possibly know all of this, and how can you find the answer to these important questions? With IND’s strategic performance analysis (SPA) – a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of your computing network!

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How to Choose a Cloud Solution for Your Healthcare Practice

If you are a healthcare provider in New Jersey, you have a lot of competition. And, your competitors are busy looking at Cloud solutions for their computing. Why? Because the Cloud is secure, scalable, and collaborative—driving $3.73 billion in healthcare spending on cloud services in 2015 with that number expected to nearly triple to $9.5 billion by 2020.

Here are some considerations that healthcare professionals and facilities must take into account when evaluating which Cloud computing solutions are the right fit for their needs.

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