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Should You Hire an IT Manager?20190220130445

Should You Hire an IT Manager?

IND CorporationFebruary 20, 20190 comments
If you are currently struggling with the finances involved with hiring an IT manager, here are the alternatives available to you...
SaaS in Cloud Computing: Top 5 Things You Need to Know20190218124448

SaaS in Cloud Computing: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

IND CorporationFebruary 18, 20190 comments
Software as a Service is an alternative to the standard software used by businesses. It is a process that involves licensing software on a subscriptio...
Myths About Backup Solutions20190214123420

Myths About Backup Solutions

IND CorporationFebruary 14, 20190 comments
Today's post will be centered on busting the popular myths about backup solutions with the aim of getting business owners to take the right decisions ...
Invest in Wireless Site Surveys20190212122017

Invest in Wireless Site Surveys

IND CorporationFebruary 12, 20190 comments
Although you may have read reviews on free wireless site survey, it is worth stating that their actual performance may be underwhelming when put to us...
Got IT Issues? Invest in IT Consulting20190208121357

Got IT Issues? Invest in IT Consulting

IND CorporationFebruary 8, 20190 comments
Every business that works with IT infrastructure must consider investing in a reputable IT consulting service provider for the following reasons...