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Practical Disaster Recovery Plans for Small Business

Practical Disaster Recovery Plans for Small Business IND CORPYour IT system is the linchpin of your business. Any disruption can affect your day-to-day operations or bring your business to a standstill—but how do you ensure your network and data will rebound and recover quickly enough to minimize your financial losses? A practical, proactive disaster recovery (DR) plan.

A disaster recovery plan is a set of policies and procedures designed to identify, protect and repair your IT infrastructure and systems before, during and after a disaster. This is an essential component of your overall business strategy. Without it, your business, employees, shareholders, and your customers are at risk of substantial financial losses.

Typically, IT disruptions are not caused by a single natural or manmade cataclysmic event. According to a 2014 report from research firm Forrester, Inc., most are the result of operational issues like power outages (43%), hardware failure (31%) and human error (13%). Theft, computer hacking and malware, fire, extreme weather conditions, drastic calamities (earthquakes, floods, explosions, etc.), and violent crime or terrorism all fall into the remaining percentage.

The main focus of your DR plan is to keep your IT system operational and protected to minimize or prevent significant loss of data from crippling business disruptions. A strong disaster recovery plan should also help you get back online and operational quickly.

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IT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Strategies for Small Businesses

Businesses of all types rely heavily on IT systems, so when your company’s main computer systems are down—whether due to natural or manmade disasters, theft, or other loss—you risk losing revenue, profit, clients, and opportunities.

After a disaster hits, hardware can be repaired or replaced, new servers brought online, and new office space rented . . . but what about your company’s data? Once data is lost, it’s gone forever.

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How will your business continue to function during a disaster, and how will IT systems be restored when the crisis is over?

It is too late to plan for, or to implement, a backup for your business IT systems during or after a disaster, so preparation is essential. Luckily, there are many affordable business continuity and disaster recovery options available to small businesses today.

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How to Keep Your Business Running Through the Worst Storm

Hurricane Sandy caused substantial business interruption and lost revenues for New Jersey businesses. 90% of our client’s New Jersey offices lost power and Internet connectivity after Sandy, but those who were protected with our TotalContinuity Disaster Recovery Solution continued their business operations. Their teams were able to continue working remotely, with all of their files and software programs, until utilities were restored at their offices.

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