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How to Protect Your NJ Law Firm’s IT Assets

When it comes to law firms and IT systems, there’s no question that client data and case information are both highly sensitive and vital. Just as vital are your line of business systems — time tracking software, case management software, and other record-keeping and document management programs, all of which have sensitive data that must stay confidential and protected, but also be accessible for your staff anywhere, at any time.

The importance of implementing strong security measures to protect digital assets, including customer data, intellectual property, and proprietary systems cannot be overstated. Poor network security can lead to severe consequences, including significant legal liability. But how can you keep your NJ law firm’s data safe in today’s world of cyber theft and computing network breaches?

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What to Expect From Your Law Firm’s IT Support Company

Law Firm's IT Support Company IND CORPHaving the right IT support and consulting firm on your team can increase productivity, while reducing cost and security risks.

Busy law practices can’t afford computer network security breaches or downtime, and having a trusted IT partner has a dramatic impact on the performance and profitability of your law firm.

Here’s a look at what law firms should demand from their IT support partner, and the results you should expect.

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Cloud vs. On-Premise Servers for Your Law Firm

Private Cloud servers for your law firmMany of our legal clients have asked us to help them decide whether to use Cloud or on-premise servers to host their business software, files and email. The decision is not a simple one, and there are a number of important considerations to using a Cloud solution or on-premise server(s) in your office.

There are dozens of low-cost Cloud solutions which are attractive to smaller firms and solo practitioners. Larger firms may opt for their own on-premise server(s) for convenience, a greater level of control, and faster speeds for local users.

A private Cloud solution is also a popular option for larger law firms, because private Clouds can be more secure and affordable than public Cloud systems.

So, which is the right choice for your law practice? Take the following factors into consideration in your decision making process.

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