IT File Backup

File vs. Image Backup for Your Business

The pros and cons of file backup vs. image-level backup for your company

Backing up your data is absolutely critical for any business today. Traditionally, small businesses could only afford file-level backup systems, whether on-site or in the Cloud.

But today, advances in technology have made image-level backup systems affordable also! So, what kind of backup is the right choice for your business? Read more

Managed IT Services NJ

The Benefits of Switching Your NJ Busines to a Managed Service Plan

There are many benefits to switching your NJ business to a fixed-cost IT service plan, but plain and simple, managed services make good business sense.

As business technology evolves—and in many cases, becomes more complex—it’s getting harder for one-man IT departments to keep up with the demands presented every day in the workplace.

Many small and medium-sized businesses are still trying to make do with one dedicated IT “guy” or even a two-man band. But in today’s complex, ever-changing and demanding work environment, it takes a dedicated team of professionals to keep your business IT systems running securely and at peak performance, while provide timely helpdesk support for your employees, and planning a course for the future.

Rather than struggling to manage this themselves, and facing the negative impacts of doing a poor job of it, smart business owners are turning to managed IT service providers to handle it all at a fixed monthly cost.
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IT Support For Financial Firms

How IND’s TotalCare IT Support Package Helps Financial Firms Return More to the Bottom Line

TotalCare IT Support For Financial Firms

There is far too much on the line in the financial services sector to leave IT support and service to just anyone. Accounting firms, banks, brokerages and lending institutions, financial planning and retirement planning firms—any company dealing with money and sensitive client information can leave nothing to chance when it comes to their information technology, whether its onsite or in the Cloud.

We’ve all read the news stories about security and data breaches, and almost all companies have experienced the loss of revenue and productivity when their computer systems aren’t working.

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IT Support & Consulting

What is the Real Cost of Your IT Support Firm?

Cost Effective IT Support & ConsultingHow Cost-Effective is Your IT Support Firm?

When it comes to IT support, you probably know what your out of pocket cost is for your IT support firm. However, this is just a small portion of the actual cost of your IT support – what is your real IT support cost?

Let’s face it, it’s not enough to just say your system is up and running or that your IT service provider returns your calls or emails. So how do you measure the true cost – and the ROI – of your managed IT service firm?

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