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Where is it Safer to Put Your Server – In the Cloud or in Your Office?

Where is it Safer to Put Your Server – In the Cloud or in Your Office?

It’s the 64GB question: is your company’s server more secure in your office or in the Cloud? The answer is: it depends.

Primarily, it depends on three things: how your Cloud or onsite server is being used; how it was set up; and how it’s being monitored, maintained and managed. If all of these factors are effectively addressed, then an onsite server poses no more of a security risk than the Cloud and vice versa.

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Firewall for businesses

How IND’s TotalCare Keeps Our Clients’ Computing Safe

Cyber security should be top-of-mind for everyone who uses a computer or mobile device, and especially business owners and executives. But how do you know that your IT systems (whether on-premise or in the Cloud) are being properly protected by your IT staff or outsourced IT firm?

Here’s a checklist of critical cyber security safeguards that should be in place for your NJ business — all of which IND Corporation offers its clients, and many of which are included in our TotalCare comprehensive managed IT services plans.

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IT Services for NJ Manufacturers and Distributors

The orders are placed, the products are ready to ship. Suddenly, your server conks out, your computing network gets hacked, or you lose power to your facility. Now what?

After all, busy manufacturing and distributing companies can’t afford costly downtime associated with network failures or cyber-intrusions. How much money do you lose when your systems are down every hour?

Imagine losing access to your accounting modules, inventory or warehouse management programs, HR records, vendor management/CRM software, and more. Or, in the case of a natural disaster or prolonger power outage, having work come to a standstill because your company lacks business continuity protocols and protections.

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Mobility and Security

5 Cyber Security Mistakes Your IT Company Is Making

You may think your IT support and consulting firm has implemented proper security protocols for your company’s computing systems, but the days of just setting up a firewall and installing anti-virus software are gone. Much more needs to be done these days to protect your business from the ever-increasing number of cyber security threats.

Unfortunately, most IT firms are overlook the critical measures that they should be taking to protect your business – which can have a huge financial impact on you.

Here are the five most common cyber security mistakes that we’ve seen other IT firms in the New Jersey area make. If you are concerned that your business may not be as protected as it should be, contact us for a cyber security assessment:

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