2018 Business Technology Outlook

2018 Business Technology Outlook

As the Chinese proverb goes, “May you live in interesting times.” When it comes to business technology, interesting doesn’t scratch the surface of the fast-paced evolution of business technology to do things bigger, better, faster.

As IT specialists, we love all things tech-related; here’s a look at a few of the most important business and consumer technologies and iterations to look for in 2018.

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Holiday Tech Buying Guide

Holiday Tech Buying Guide for Business Owners and Executives

When it comes to technology, the holiday season is possibly the best time of the year! It’s a wonderful time to share with family, but it’s also a great time to show gratitude towards a business partner or co-worker with a tech-related gift—and upgrade your own business technology as well. From virtual reality and artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things (IoT) and managed IT services, here we present a 2017 holiday-tech buying guide—for your personal and professional lives.

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Travel concept with digital tablet, sunbed and beach umbrella

What Will You Do – or Which Devices Will You Take – on Your Summer Vacation?

Editor’s Note: We recommend you don’t bring any electronic devices, and really take a vacation!

The summer is upon us and thoughts are turning towards that summer vacation. Whether it’s in the mountains or at the beach, driving cross country or flying across the ocean, you likely will need to bring some type of computer/mobile device to keep up with work while you are away.

Let’s look at whether the lucky vacation tagalong is a laptop computer, a Microsoft Surface (Book or Pro), or a tablet, and why these are contenders for vacation disrupters.

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Customer Activity Monitor Dashboard Concept

Are Consumer PC’s Suitable for Your Business?

Just as there are big differences between flying coach and business class, there are big differences between consumer-grade personal computers and business-class PC’s.

Consumer-level computers are designed to function at the most competitive price, while business-grade PC’s are built to last and offer features that make much more sense on several levels for corporate users.

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New Technology To Watch In 2015

Convenience, security and mobility are at the forefront of many new products, and rightly so. Here’s a look at some game changing technology products that will impact the way we work and live in 2015 and beyond.

cicret1. Cicret Smart Bracelet

The Cicret (pronounced “secret”) bracelet (still in the prototype and venture capital funding phase) turns your forearm into a full-color, touch-sensitive smartphone display with a simple flick of the wrist.

You can do anything you would do on a smartphone or tablet, complete with swiping capability, on your skin. It pairs to your phone via Bluetooth and will come with either 16GB or 32GB of storage.

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