The Importance of Dark Web Surveillance

Why Your Team Should Care About Dark Web Surveillance

The dark web is a term that is widely used but vastly understood. If you ask the average civilian about what the dark web is, you will get responses like “hackers live there” or “that’s where you go to buy credit card information.” Nearly every business at some point will be affected by the effects of the dark web. Attackers scrounge the internet for any relevant information about a company and sell it on the dark web for a premium. It is vital that every organization has dark web surveillance practices in place to continuously scan for confidential company records that may have been leaked to the public as well as reactive controls in the scenario that an employee’s account is ever compromised.

Let’s review a likely scenario that could occur without dark web surveillance:

  • After the disgruntled employee is upset with how upper management has credited a big project that they worked relentlessly on, he decide to leave the company and take the project details with them as they feel it was theirs by right.
  • Later that week, the disgruntled employee had his online storage credentials compromised because he logged into his account from a public coffee shop, where a cyber-criminal was sniffing the traffic. This storage account has the big project details located on it in an unencrypted format.
  • The cyber-criminal realizes that this project is tied to a big name company and decides to sell the information on the dark web for an open bid.
  • At this point, two outcomes could happen: Another hacker could purchase the information to craft a targeted attack against the company to possibly exploit them for money, or a competitor of the company could buy the stolen data and use it to replicate the competitor’s solution. Either outcome would be detrimental to the company’s business and integrity.

The above scenario outlines why it is crucial to have dark web surveillance in place. The team at IND Corporation has an intuitive and practical approach to handling the dark web.

Proactive Monitoring

Whether you’re looking to identify theft or loss of confidential/sensitive company information, the professionals at IND have a unique approach to triaging events tied to a person or enterprise entity.

Responsive Alerting

IND prides itself on customer response and communication when it matters most. In the event that your information is discovered during a dark web surveillance scan, our team immediately alerts yours and will trigger a predetermined incident response plan to isolate and address the situation at hand.

Confidentiality and Discretion

IND Corporation will work for you, and your best efforts, that includes ensuring your data remains as discrete and confidential as possible. We understand what is at stake when it pertains to the integrity of your business reputation; we will work with you to only disclose information that is required by law and what has been established by your clientele.

Reduced Remediation Time of Data Breach

Lastly, by having a dark web surveillance plan in place, you are reducing your overall detection and remediation time around incidents in the future. This is a huge deal as the impact between having exposed data significantly increases by every passing day that it is unresolved.

If your business has not yet established a dark web surveillance strategy, what are you waiting for? The professionals at IND Corporation are standing by to assist your team. Contact us today to learn more about our secure solutions.