IT Mistakes to Avoid During Growth

Watch Out For These IT Mistakes During Your Growth Period

While business growth comes with hopeful ambition, it also brings slight worries about your team’s capacity to scale. Since no business wants to halt signs of growth, it’s in your best interest to prepare for expansion to avoid these common IT mistakes.


A common IT mistake we find is a lack of technology investment. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate. If your business fails to upgrade their software and hardware, you are putting your entire team at an extreme disadvantage. When it comes time to onboard new team members, you will likely need to purchase new equipment. If your existing hardware is not up-to-date, there will be a huge discrepancy between your team members’ tech abilities.

Security Practices

Another common IT mistake that comes along with business growth is your team’s extent of security knowledge. When your business experiences an influx of team members, they will also need an intensive onboarding security brief. With each new hire, you put your data security at risk as you open your network doors up to an additional employee. IND Corporation helps businesses combat this issue by offering educational training programs. We will ensure your entire team, including your recent hires, are well-versed in proper security protocol. We’ll test the team on popular scam tactics to stay mindful of, as well as daily security practices they should be following.


As your team grows, your capacity to manage should expand along with it. Management tools, document storage capacity, voice services, and everything in between should easily scale to fit your elastic needs. That’s where cloud software comes in handy. Cloud technology has the capacity to easily store digital files, while integrating protective redundancies. This digital storage and security method can easily scale to fit your fluctuating business size. Check out some perks to IND’s Cloud solutions.

Managed Service

Apart from security, upgrades, and scalable space, there is one important IT tip that businesses should understand: never go it alone. Integrating security practices and upgrading software is a cumbersome task in itself. On top of your daily business operations, you will likely be stretched thin. Relying on a managed IT service provider, like IND Corporation, will give your business the IT efficiency it needs, while eliminating costly business downtime.

If your team is expecting an influx of growth in the coming months, then have no fear. IND Corporation is highly skilled in assisting businesses in the most expansive scaling projects. To learn more about how we can integrate some of our practices into your team’s daily operations, reach out to one of our professionals today!