Five Year Plan: Where Will Your Data Live?

Incorporating Your Data Security into Your Five Year Plan

No matter the industry in your in, a five-year plan is an absolute necessity – especially when it comes to sensitive data. Businesses need to remain proactive and diligently aware of their data settings. Do you have a long-term security protocol set in place? Where does your business expect to be in five years? We’ll help you outline the basics of your five-year data security plan.

Back It Up

We say it time and again, but we still cannot stress this fact enough – back up your data. If you are dealing with an immense amount of sensitive data, there is a heightened risk of data loss. With the rapid advancements taking place in the technological realm over the past decade, expected future advancements are virtually limitless. The best possible way to prepare for uncertainty is to play it safe and secure your assets. IND’s hybrid approach to backup solutions ensures that businesses back up their digital material on both on-premise and cloud-based locations.

Upgrade and Update

Operating on outdated software will severely hinder your security – not to mention your productivity as a company. IND Corporation works with your team to create an IT roadmap that outlines the projected software and hardware upgrades your team will likely need to make in the coming years. When you layout this information ahead of time, your office will have ample time to budget for this advancements.

Integrate a Committee

Your five-year plan will only work if you have a team of people backing its initiatives. A dedicated IT committee is needed to oversee the implementation of all the processes you outline in your plan throughout the years. Any difficult decisions or loopholes that present themselves along the way will be professionally handled with an IT committee in your corner. IND specializes in being this source of support for all of our clients. As your team focuses on growth, we will stand behind you to back your IT efforts.

Focus on Milestones

While an ultimate five-year plan is ideal for any data-centric company, you need to keep smaller steps in mind as well. An IT strategic plan should emphasize 12-18 month milestones. Are you taking regular diagnostics of your security? Are you backing up files on a consistent basis? IND will help you cover all of these steps in your plan.

If your business’ data goal could use a bit of structure, an IT five-year plan is a great place to start. IND Corporation specializes in creating complex IT roadmaps for our clients, outline everything from backup solutions to upgrade timelines. When you have a plan set in place, your operation will run much more efficiently. For more information about how we can assist your team in this planning, reach out to one of our professionals.