How To Shrink Your IT Budget

2019 Is Closer Than You’d Think. Rethink Your IT Budget Today.

As we enter the fourth quarter of the year, many companies are looking toward 2019. Whether you are facing budget cuts or simply looking to save money, now is the perfect time to reevaluate your IT budget. Luckily, IND Corporation has helped countless businesses transform their productivity workflow at a fraction of their previous cost. Here are several ways to shrink your IT budget without sacrificing security and productivity.

  1. Determining your priorities is an important part of shrinking your IT budget. You will need to gather input from the management of each department to learn their needs for the coming year. Doing so will allow you to determine what needs are critical to operations and ones that are lower priority.
  2. Another solution for reducing your IT budget is to hire consultants for one-time projects and special needs. This will eliminate the need for sourcing full-time staff for limited amounts of time.
  3. Upgrading your hardware can prevent the need for buying totally new equipment. Not to mention, when you upgrade your systems, your internal performance will dramatically increase, while idle downtime is minimized. In turn, your wasted expenses will go down.
  4. Last but not least, you can shrink your IT budget by taking advantage of IND Corporation’s TotalCare Managed Services. While the price of cloud implementation vs. on premise servers varies from business to business, IND Corporation will help to determine the best and most cost-effective solution for your team. Some network aspects make most sense to remain on a physical server. Others will greatly benefit from advancements of cloud technology. No matter what hybrid solution your business decides on, having a team to back your network productivity will save you time and money in the long run. As we continuously monitor and maintain your systems, your team can rest assured knowing we’ll mitigate any data loss or system failure.

At IND Corporation, we are all about optimal efficiency. As the new year rolls in, keep your stress – and budget – to a minimum. If you’d like to hear additional money-saving tips we’ve accumulated throughout the years, contact our experts today. Our TotalCare managed IT services may be just the solution you’re looking for this new year.