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Get the Most Out of Your IT Investment with a Strategic Performance Analysis

Are you sure your technology investment is what your NJ company really needs? Is your IT department doing what they’re supposed to do to keep your operation running at its best? Does your IT services provider have your company’s best interests at the forefront or are they doing what’s best for themselves?

How can you possibly know all of this, and how can you find the answer to these important questions? With IND’s strategic performance analysis (SPA) – a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of your computing network!

It pays to bring in an objective third party to review and analyze your infrastructure, especially for companies with internal IT departments. New Jersey companies have benefitted from our SPA in a variety of ways.

What’s involved with a SPA?

We look under the figurative hood of your computer network, starting with sophisticated software scanning tools to collect data from all of your IT systems.

Our trained and certified network consultants also perform a physical assessment of your systems. These IT professionals ask targeted questions to help them gather different kinds of data that will be combined with the remote results to generate a detailed report.

This strategic performance analysis takes you deep and wide into all areas of concern and is meant to be used as a planning document to see what IT elements require attention—either repair or an upgrade.

You will receive a full report of what you have installed with system specifications and environment configurations noted, any known security risks will be documented as will any findings of concern (which will be prioritized to assist you with making decisions). A follow-up meeting to review the report is conducted as well.

The SPA report will tell you if your IT employees are doing what’s expected of them and doing their jobs correctly—and help you ascertain if you are getting what you need out of your existing network. For example:

  • Are all best practices being followed?
  • Are security patches up-to-date?
  • Do you have the right software and hardware in place?
  • Is your system backup operating when and how it is supposed to? How long will it take your backup system to come online?
  • Are your licenses and warranties being kept up to date?

Armed with our report, you can more accurately judge the effectiveness of your IT team and make more informed decisions about how your IT systems can best support your business goals.

Real Results

The SPA report you get from IND is not simply generated by a piece of software. While we use software to perform the analysis, we find that the most critical part is the human evaluation of the data, and putting that information into a digestible, actionable report.

Our analysis will not cause disruption to your operation or network. You should also confirm that all information being collected is held in the strictest confidence and that the assessment is being conducted by a certified network engineer.

HIPAA and FINRA compliance

For healthcare or financial services providers, our SPA also examines HIPAA or FINRA compliance issues to ensure your company is following HIPAA/FINRA IT guidelines.

We provide a detailed analysis of how your organization’s current IT systems and management processes compare to the legal requirements. For example, our analysis shows healthcare organizations the locations of their ePHI protected data and how the data moves within and in and out of the organization. It identifies what protections are in place and where there is a need for more. Our report includes a list of items that must be remediated to ensure the security and confidentiality of health information.

If you’re wondering how well your company’s IT investment is paying off and want a thorough evaluation of your computing system, contact IND Corporation to arrange your strategic performance analysis. We’re located in northern New Jersey and serve companies throughout the state. Call us to make an appointment at 973-400-4227!