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Does Your Business Need a Network Admin?

Does your managed IT service plan include network administration? It should.

Network administration is a crucial component in maintaining your business IT systems, whether they are in your office or in the Cloud.

IT infrastructure (servers, firewalls, switches, etc) can become out of date over time as new cyber security threats emerge and as changes are made throughout your IT environment. It’s vital that a trained network engineer proactively assess and update your IT assets to minimize system downtime and risks, and to maximize your profits.

A network administrator should do much more than just install updates and patches or perform routine maintenance, such as:

  • Make sure that software and systems are in compliance with IT best practices and security standards. If something undesirable is found, the network administrator should make the necessary corrections and changes. This minimizes risk and maximizes employee productivity.
  • Detect, document and, if possible, correct issues that may be impeding performance.
  • Look for security vulnerabilities or network deficiencies before they become expensive problems or disrupt operations. This helps to protect your organization’s IT asets (and safeguards your corporate data) from unauthorized intruders or malicious attempts to interrupt your business.
  • Perform user administration to manage all new user accounts, password resets, deactivations, or minor security permission changes to keep users productive.
  • Conduct quarterly reviews and a SWOT-style analysis (SWOT is strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats). This management report reveals areas of concern and the remediation steps and associated costs in order to correct the problem.

At IND Corporation, our team of highly experienced network administrators review our clients’ computing systems periodically to ensure that everything is working and updated according to plan and best practices. Their findings help our clients not only understand the issues but also make better, informed decisions about new systems to ensure their IT systems are able to meet their business goals.

Our network administrators make sure that corporate policies around computing make sense and that they won’t inadvertently cause problems in other areas. They also provide insight into the costs associated with actions that are being recommended or planned to lower the impact on operations.

IND’s network administrators are included in our comprehensive TotalCare managed IT service plans, the most comprehensive support services for New Jersey businesses.

With TotalCare IT support, you get 24/7 proactive IT management by seasoned professionals who have experience dealing with mission-critical systems … and whose mission is to keep your technology up and operational at all times.

Want to know more about how our network administration services can help your NJ company’s computing network? Contact IND Corp. for a consultation about our flat-rate, full-service managed IT services at (973) 400-4227.