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Moving to a New IT Support Company? 5 Things You Need to Know!

Changing your IT support partner can be a smooth process if you have a plan and have found the right company for a new partner. Follow these steps before, during and after the changeover process to ensure that your new IT service provider has everything they need to provide you with the service that you need.

  1. First, confirm the term of the agreement with your current IT service provider. Understand the terms of service and the termination date. When and how do you need to notify your current IT support firm that you are terminating the agreement?If you still have a year left on the contract (or longer), then plan on starting the process of finding a new partner at least 4 months before the agreement ends. This will give you sufficient time to find the right company to suit your needs, and will also give your new IT service provider sufficient time to do due diligence and ensure your business does not experience a lapse in support.
  1. Get your admin passwords from your current managed IT service company. Your new provider will need the administrative passwords for all your IT systems and software (this does not refer to individual users’ passwords – those should never be given out or written down). Administrator passwords should only be sent via encrypted email or verbally.
  1. Make sure you have copies of all licenses and vendor agreements (like your phone provider, copier vendor and ISP) on file and accessible. Your current IT provider may have this on record for you.
  1. Know what you own, what you’ve agreed to, and where it is. Why do we bring this up? At IND Corporation, we often find that the New Jersey companies who call us for a systems review and proposal don’t actually own their IT equipment. Instead, their current IT service provider is leasing their IT equipment to them.If your computing infrastructure is in the Cloud, then your accounts are typically being resold to you by your IT provider. This means that your Cloud services (like file storage, email hosting, phone systems, and more) are owned by your IT service company, and not you! And if you don’t pay their monthly fee, then the provider turns off the service. Therefore, is it crucial that decision makers understand their company’s full IT landscape.
  1. Define transition timelines and a plan. Reputable IT service companies will have an onboarding period during which they go through a setup process to be able to properly provide support for your employees and IT assets.Your new partner should help you develop a sensible transition plan, and factor in the time necessary to implement and onboard your new IT support service. This process may entail swapping out old equipment, or changing software or Cloud service providers. The onboarding process should always include training so your employees know how to get timely support from your new IT firm.

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