The Importance of Password Security at Your Business

Remember the big Sony hack a couple of years ago? That was just the beginning of a growing threat … a threat that brings to the forefront the importance of businesses to protect their networks by improving the password security protocols they use. The risk of savvy cybercriminals of intruding into anyone’s computing system is growing all the time.

Unfortunately, many organizations—like many individuals—have sloppy habits about password protection that opens up their computing network to intruders. You know that piece of paper lying around on the desk with log-in information or the file on a desktop that’s easy to find and open (and steal the information)? That’s exactly what happened at Sony—documents containing thousands of passwords sitting on company computers, labeled as obviously as possible: “password list” and “login passwords.”

These are certainly not examples of good ways to secure the passwords for your business accounts!

Many people also use the same simple passwords for everything rather than creating complex, unique passwords for different websites or software systems that they use. This approach means that an ambitious hacker who gain access to your account information for a single account will try it across thousands of different websites and systems that you may have accounts with, thereby gaining access not only to one account but to all of your business accounts.

The case for password management systems

Think of all the social media accounts, vendor accounts, emails, and dashboards that all of your employee’s access on a regular basis, across multiple devices or locations. Think of the hundreds of passwords within your company that are used for all of them.

Then, ask your managed IT service partner for a solution that will enable you to maintain a secure electronic database of your users’ passwords.

A password management system allows employees to access business accounts on websites or software systems without being able to see or change the password. Once you’ve set up the password system with your account information, users can automatically log in to any site without having to remember any passwords.

All of your passwords are accessible from anywhere at any time, as long as the user has access to the password system. The software stores all the passwords needed for your company’s internal computers, social and email accounts, vendor portals—everywhere your employees log in to do business.

Once the password management software is set up, your users can go to any website and any log-in page that you’ve included. As soon as the users lands on the login page, it automatically fills in the user name and password.

Since employees can’t see the passwords, there is no need to change passwords when an employee leaves or when new employees start. And, these electronic password managers generate their own unique complex password for each of your accounts to ensure your accounts are as safe as possible and to limit access if one of the passwords is compromised.

Depending on the software you choose, you could get a mobile app to use for storing passwords; and, new computers won’t slow you down because simply installing the browser plug-in enables users to log onto corporate accounts in minutes.

Now, that’s password security as well as convenience.

Can your New Jersey business afford to be hacked, leaving sensitive corporate and employee data exposed to cybercrime? Of course not. Avoid the inevitable; contact IND Corporation at (973) 400-4227 for a consultation about your computing network and implementing necessary safeguards to protect your company passwords and data. In addition to keeping your passwords safe, our IT services team can recommend other protocols to implement to improve your network’s security and continuity with our fixed-cost TotalCare package of managed IT services.