Top Five Business Technologies for 2017

One of the most important things your IT support and consulting partner should be doing for your business is helping you understand how new technologies will impact your business and industry.

While every business has different goals and needs, these five things will have a significant impact on almost all small and medium-sized businesses in the new year.

1.Password management. It seems no company, no matter how large, is immune to hacking these days. Passwords, if unprotected, provide an easy portal for savvy computer hackers to infiltrate your system.

Your NJ business should not be exposed to potential cybercrime. By instituting a password management system, you protect your business systems and devices from unwanted intrusions. Your IT service company should be able to set up a password management solution for your users that will safeguard your network (and those of your partners) and provide an easy way for your employees to access all those dashboards, vendor portals, social media accounts, email accounts, and so on.

With electronic password management, your employees will have safe, streamlined access across devices to what they need and all passwords will remain “in the vault – and not written down on sticky notes or in an Excel file!

2. Securing your mobile workforce. We don’t mean your actual employees (although yes, we want them safe and secure). We’re talking about securing all of the mobile devices they are using to access your company files. The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) working world has taken this from an emerging issue to a major corporate IT priority.

Some steps we recommend to mitigate risk are issuing corporate smartphones (with corporate controls enabled), and deploying monitoring, mobile device management, and mobile content management software. Automatic screen locks also keep prying fingers off of tablets and phones.

3. Big data for small business. There’s a reason it’s called “big data.” The amount of information that even small and medium-sized businesses amass is essentially incalculable. It’s also invaluable for making better business decisions and setting targeted corporate goals.

Working with analysts who know where and how to gather this business intelligence—and how to interpret it—gives SMBs a window into what their customers are searching for and/or purchasing, user preferences, line item expenses and potential waste, and must more. In short, learning which data to pull and interpret can improve corporate profitability, improve customer service, and boost sales, as well as your bottom line!

4. Preventing and recovering from a malware attack. Ransomware sneaks in via nefarious emails and other electronic portals, including visits to unsafe websites. Once installed on your system, suffice to say, your company computing is in trouble.

The first line of defense is training employees to recognize malware and avoid it at all costs. Installing a strong, web-based security program will help, and having a backup system in place that can provide fast recovery times (with minimal data loss) will keep everyone working without too much delay.

To alleviate the risk of a malware attack, talk to your managed IT service provider about how your disaster recovery and business continuity solution protects your business. Careful network monitoring, data recovery protocols, and other measures will keep your infrastructure safer. Ask about restore times and how frequent the backups occur to ensure your recovery time objective meets your needs.

5. Cloud backups. As we wrote in a previous post, backing up your servers to the Cloud can be a great way to avoid business disruptions and provide greater flexibility in terms of file access for employees.

Cloud backups are not all alike, so make sure your IT support partner understands your needs and recommends the right type for your business. That said, backing up your data to the Cloud can be very secure, with many protocols in place to protect against security breaches or disruptions due to disasters. Depending on your recovery time objective for your data, you’ll also find that Cloud backups can deliver excellent recovery time and get everyone working again quickly!

There are other great reasons to implement a Cloud backup solution for your NJ company … and many reasons to contact IND Corporation about your IT service needs. We operate out of northern New Jersey and offer our TotalCare managed services and TotalContinuity business continuity services to NJ businesses of all types to keep their business profitable.

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