What to Expect From Your Law Firm’s IT Support Company

Law Firm's IT Support Company IND CORPHaving the right IT support and consulting firm on your team can increase productivity, while reducing cost and security risks.

Busy law practices can’t afford computer network security breaches or downtime, and having a trusted IT partner has a dramatic impact on the performance and profitability of your law firm.

Here’s a look at what law firms should demand from their IT support partner, and the results you should expect.

Increase your productivity and profit. Your managed services partner should have a dedicated network engineer who will analyze your IT assets on a regular basis and check them against industry best-practices to ensure that you are protected from security and productivity problems.

Identifying and correcting vulnerabilities pro-actively means your employees can continue work without interruption. Ask yourself this – what does one hour of downtime cost the firm in lost revenue? Two hours? A day? A comprehensive, fixed-cost IT support firm should include this best-practice analysis on a regular basis, as well as unlimited remote and on-site tech support.

Secure your remote & mobile users. With so many devices, apps and files being accessed and shared from home computers and mobile devices, it is vital that you protect and secure your data and systems.

Ask your IT service provider about how you can provide secure access to corporate data and systems from smartphones, tablets and home computers while still enabling users to get access to what they need and when they need it. A good mobile file access system will not allow files to be viewed outside of a secure app, which will protect from unauthorized access or distribution of data. This also helps when an employee abruptly leaves the firm for a competitor – they can leave, but can’t take your data with them.

And in the event a mobile device is lost or stolen, you need to be able to quickly delete all of its contents (known as a remote wipe.)

Maintain Internet at all times. Redundant internet connections in your office will ensure employees are always connected. If one connection goes down, your Internet traffic should automatically fail over to the secondary ISP and avoid downtime that can bring your operations to a halt – impacting both revenue and profit. The relatively small expense of having this second ISP will have tremendous ROI in the event of a connectivity failure.

Manage your IT assets. What happens when an employee abruptly leaves your law firm – do you know what company-owned IT assets they have and where they are?

Your IT partner should maintain as asset list of all of your devices, software, vendors, and systems. This will enable them to move quickly and effectively in an emergency, as well as pro-actively help you plan your yearly IT budget for replacements and upgrades.

Provide a virtual CIO. The rate at which technology changes increases dramatically every year. The amount of new technologies that have emerged in just the past 10 years is staggering.

Your IT partner should provide you with timely IT consulting services to pro-actively manage your systems, discuss areas of risk, as well as new technologies and how they impact your business – basically, your IT support firm should act as a Chief Information Officer for your law practice.

Reduce your downtime and risk. Proactive monitoring and maintenance of your IT systems avoids lengthy service disruptions or loss of data. Not to mention peace of mind knowing your backup is always maintained, tested, and verified daily.

When a hardware, internet, or power failure happens, your IT service provide should know immediately so they can take corrective action.

Nightly system maintenance ensures your system will continue to run as expected, and patch security holes as they 24/7 system monitoring helps IT techs discover small problems before they become big enough to take down your network.

A full-blown power outage can be devastating to your operation but even minor brownouts can cause issues with your computing, especially if you have an on-site server. Having sufficient battery backup (and knowing what you have so you’re prepared) is very important. Make sure your battery backup provides sufficient run time to handle any power blips that may occur – or, avoid them altogether with either an on-site generator or by moving your IT systems to the Cloud.

Use the Cloud wisely. Migrating some of all of your IT systems or data to the Cloud can improve uptime and security – if you chose the correct Cloud solution for your needs.

It can also improve mobile and remote access to your systems – or it can create risk and complexity. Your IT consulting partner should be able to talk with you about the pros, cons, and costs of different options and work with you to select the right Cloud solution for your law firm.

How does your law firm’s IT service partner measure up? Are you getting the results you want – and do you know what you should expect? How do you know if you are protected from potential (and expensive) security breaches or network failures? Are your attorneys able to work from anywhere, securely and easily?

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