“Will your company loose competitive advantage?” “Will it survive?” Questions examined at the Videre Group/IND Seminar

Over 20 top level executives from such New Jersey companies as PNC Bank, Mountain Creek, and Trip Network packed the Videre Group’s conference room to learn why their companies may be at risk or may prosper due to the growing influence of technology on business.

The event was hosted for top company decision makers and focused on “The Critical Role of the CEO and CFO in the E-Business Revolution.” It was co-sponsored by The Videre Group, a prominent accounting firm, and IND, a leading expert in the area of e-business enablement. The seminar was lead by Dr. John T. Whiting, Director of E-Business Enablement Services at IND.

The “e-business revolution” is rapidly becoming the #1 priority issue for top business decision makers. It threatens the survival of those businesses that ignore it and offers a great opportunity to improve profitability for those who master it.

The seminar addressed some of the most frequently asked questions including, “Is the e-business revolution real, and how did we get to this point of dependence on technology to run our businesses?” “How can business executives make costly decisions regarding the purchase of expensive technology without a sense of risk, but with a high level of confidence that the investment will help improve business performance and generate return on investment (ROI).”

Participants in the seminar were lead through a comprehensive analysis of the growing role of technology in business by Dr. Whiting. They were shown why experts believe that technology will displace traditional business process, and why those companies that ignore this change will find it increasingly difficult to compete in a new e-business environment.

Most seminar participants conceded that this change was inevitable, and that a plan for action was required to protect businesses from harm and to guide them in harnessing the power of technology without risk.

Dr. Whiting outlined how mistakes had been made in the past, and how an analysis of those mistakes provided a picture of what company decision makers must do to transform their companies into being e-business enabled without the fear of repeating past mistakes.

Three core steps were outlined by Dr. Whiting as the foundation to guide companies toward a future based on e-business technology. First, he stated, all decisions regarding technology must be escalated from the “tactical technical level” controlled by technology decision makers, to the “strategic business level” controlled by P&L business decision makers. Second, e-business technology must be integrated into the company strategic business plan as a core resource essential to achieving the business’ goals. Thirdly, e-business decision making and management must be directed at the business P&L level of the company.

Dr. Whiting outlined a comprehensive methodology, the IND E-Business Enablement Methodology, which CEO and CFO’s could use to guide this process.

The Videre/IND Seminar featured a discussion of case studies representing some of the real problems facing CEO and CFO level executives on a daily basis. Dr. Whiting used the IND Methodology to answer the case study questions and demonstrate its utility as a tool for top business decision makers to use to gain control over the e-business enablement process.

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