Local Executives Provide Leadership to State Public Relations Institute

The New Jersey Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) held The Public Relations Institute on Friday at Rutgers University. Over 300 members of local PR firms, corporate communications departments and students listened to the opening speaker Fraser Seitel, a nationally respected authority on public relations, underscored the increasing importance of technology to the PR industry. This keynote address set the tone for other meetings including discussions noting how the web and Internet based technology will revolutionize the way PR firms do business and deliver service to their clients.

Two local executives played key roles in making the Institute a success. The Cherenson Group’s Michael Cherenson, PRSA President, chaired the all day meeting. His vision for the future of the PR industry was reflected in the meetings agenda. Parsippany based IND’s Eric Speidel, Director of Web Services, served as a presenter, underscoring the growing importance of the Internet, web technology and e-business technology to PR firms, both in defining new sources of revenue and in delivering more cost effective, timely and quality service to clients.

The Cherenson Group and IND were well qualified to discuss the value of e-business technology in the public relations industry. They have been collaborating for over five years in a partnership. IND provides e-business technology (IT) support at the strategic level to The Cherenson Group to enable them to capitalize on emerging technology to support their business strategy. This has allowed The Cherenson Group to integrate IT into their business plan by IND assuming responsibility for all of Cherenson’s IT needs from designing and installing their IT system and Internet web based services to providing maintenance and support to their total IT enterprise. Their IT/business partnership may represent a model for other PR firms to emulate.

One participant at the Rutgers PRSA Institute observed “A few years ago technology and the Internet was not even mentioned at this type of meeting. Today, almost every speaker mentioned the importance of the Internet, the web and e-business to those PR firms that wish to remain competitive.” The growing importance of e-business technology to the survival of all businesses was underscored at the PRSA meeting.