Excellent IT Outsourcing Services from IND Corporation

IND offers top-notch technology services to businesses located in New Jersey and New York City, to keep systems protected, up-to-date, and operating at optimal efficiency. It’s time to turn your focus back to your business needs. Our employees have extensive experience in both complementary support services, as well as complete fixed-cost IT outsourcing. As a business serving businesses, we understand the deep level of care needed to keep your company running smoothly.

IND is built on 6 Core Values.

Excellence: We stand by our commitment to providing quality service every step of the way.
Innovation: As the world of technology continues to grow and evolve, so should your business capabilities. We continually provide our clients with the best technology solutions to spur constant development.
Integrity: We believe honest communication between employees and our clients is key. You can rest assured that each of our business efforts are centered around the betterment of your company.
Balance: With efficiently running systems, companies can regain proper work-life balance, and put their productivity back in action.
Joy: Technology is our passion. Each of our clients receive only our highest amount of dedication and support.
Teamwork: At IND, we are committed to working together, alongside our clients, to find their optimal solution.

These six core values are incorporated into everything we do They define our mission as a company, our team’s philosophy, and our level of commitment to exceeding your expectations.

Our professional lives are guided by “The Spirit of Kaizen,” which teaches its readers to base their business on continuous improvement, to provide the best service for clients, as well as provide a nurturing and challenging professional home for each internal team.

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Why Us

IND will not only guide your business toward success, but we will also stand alongside you every step of the way. As we work together, we will create solutions that not only fit your budget, but also help you achieve your business objectives. Since we are always transparent about our costs and methodology, you will be able to budget accordingly and gain peace of mind knowing we have every aspect of your systems taken care of. From helpdesk to CIO, we pro-actively manage your IT assets, recommend strategic solutions for your specific business goals, and provide rapid support for your employees.

Our Parsippany, New Jersey-based team is focused on eliminating your technology headaches, reducing expenses, and increasing your business performance, allowing you to achieve the most value from your IT investments.

If you’re looking for a positive business change, contact our professionals today.