What is the Real Cost of Your IT Support Firm?

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Cost Effective IT Support & ConsultingHow Cost-Effective is Your IT Support Firm?

When it comes to IT support, you probably know what your out of pocket cost is for your IT support firm. However, this is just a small portion of the actual cost of your IT support – what is your real IT support cost?

Let’s face it, it’s not enough to just say your system is up and running or that your IT service provider returns your calls or emails. So how do you measure the true cost – and the ROI – of your managed IT service firm?

How to Calculate Your IT Costs

Everyone’s time is limited—how much of your time do you spend on your IT support and management?

First, add up the hours you and your employees spend talking to your IT vendors (phone, Internet, line of business applications, printer and copier vendor, etc.)

Next, calculate how many of your employee’s waste time – and your profit – dealing with IT issues before you contact your IT firm (or even worse, after you contact them!) What is the cost of that downtime to the business?

How long are your employees not able to work when your systems are down? What is the cost of that lost productivity on your firm?

Many companies end up with poorly managed computing systems, “handled” by multiple people across multiple departments.

Maybe the company has grown, adding departments and employees … and workstations, tablets, and other devices, along with servers and different Cloud systems along the way. On top of this increased complexity, now everyone is trying to manage multiple vendors (and, possibly, service providers) as well. What does this inefficiency cost your business in terms of revenue and profit loss?

And this is a double edged sword – there is also a loss of revenue when employees cannot work when their system is down. The larger your company, then the larger this problem becomes in terms of lost productivity and associated payroll costs when downtime stretches into hours.

The Solution

IND’s TotalCare package is a unique fixed-cost managed IT support service that was designed to have a significant, positive impact on your bottom line: Improve your employee’s productivity, better system optimization, and lower IT costs – and risks. We:

  • Monitor your entire system 24/7
  • Offer unlimited IT support, on site or remotely with our knowedgable and friendly help desk services
  • Respond quickly to service calls
  • Pro-actively manage your IT systems, whether on-premise or in the Cloud
  • Develop an IT system roadmap that matches your business goals
  • Take proactive measures to avert system disruptions or failures
  • Ensure greater IT security
  • Provide complete disaster recovery response and remediation
  • Make sure that everyone and everything is working at their peak!

The results: reduced risk, better cost control, enhanced worker productivity, less business disruption

Want to get a handle on the true cost of your company’s current IT model?

Contact us for a consultation to see how your company can be doing its computing better. We’ll show you the true cost of your current IT model—and how IND Corporation’s flat-rate TotalCare managed IT support can save you time and money over the life of your system.

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